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Storage solutions for Digesters

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Bluewater builds the best storage tanks and designed specifically to perform in digester processes.

Anaerobic digesters are very difficult tank applications. Choosing the wrong tank and cover solution could not only jeopardize the performance of the biogas producing process, it can result in serious safety risks and premature failure of the system.

Choosing the right tank and cover is one of the most important decisions in front of a process developer or owner of a biogas production facility.

The right storage tank and the right coating technology that protects that tank is critical.

Using the right coating system in the product and vapor zones should be your first concern. Bluewater provides all coating technologies including porcelain enamel, epoxy and other alloys such as stainless and carbon steel.

Choosing the right cover solution is the next important task in assembling the best tank and cover for your digester. Pressure, vacuum, roof load and the stresses from other equipment such as rotary mixers are important design considerations in your cover choice. Bluewater offers all the different cover options so that you have the design flexibility to apply the right cover for your process.

Cover types include Externally Supported Roof, Knuckle Roof, Dual Membrane Roof & Geoframe Supported Membrane Covers.