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Low Maintenance and Long Lasting Reservoirs

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A BLUEWATER glass-fused-to-steel reservoir offers minimal lifetime maintenance cost and excellent performance.

Bluewater Engineered Storage Systems can design, build and service any type of reservoir tank for your water storage. If you have poor soil, want to place the tank on a hilltop to generate more pressure or simply want to keep the height below a certain level for appearance, a reservoir is the right solution.

Our water reservoir tanks are the most economical on the market today. They are also the most reliable and cost-effective due to our efficient modular design, manufactured bolted joints and rugged steel sections. Plus, our factory applied coatings ensure a fast field assembly that is not hindered by weather delays and other environmental elements.

You can count on the long life and durability of our tanks. Our tanks are designed and manufactured with our glass-fused-to-steel coatings which are highly resistant to corrosive contaminants. Also, with the modular design for larger reservoirs, the tanks are engineered for vertical expansion as capacity needs increase.