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Great value brands to meet your wastewater storage tank solution.

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Bluewater offers the best value brands available to meet your wastewater storage tank solution.

When it comes to above ground wastewater tanks, Bluewater offers a variety of options. Whether an open top tank or a covered one, Bluewater has the individual products and integrated solutions to satisfy the particular needs of our customers.

If total life cycle cost is a major driver in the decision process, Aquastore’s glass-fused-to-steel tanks never need painting, offer good upfront value and have a long life expectancy. If upfront cost is more of a primary driver, HydroTec epoxy tanks offer competitive upfront costs with a superior factory-applied coating that gives HydroTec tanks the lowest life cycle costs of epoxy coated tanks.

Cover options range from full domes to odor-controlling flat panels to launder covers. All fabricated from high strength aluminum alloys using aluminum or stainless hardware for years of rust-free operation. Covers are available in circular and non-circular shapes and in supported and unsupported designs to exactly match each application.


Glass-Fused-to-Steel Aquastore Tanks are the preferred choice for Municipal Wastewater Engineers and Operators.

municipal wastewater tank

Industrial - Aquastore

Aquastore tanks are versatile and cost effective in meeting the needs of a variety of Industrial Applications.

Bradford Wastewater Tank Complete

Industrial - Hydrotec

Hydrotec Tanks satisfy a variety of use applications at the lowest cost per gallon.

Hydrotec Tank

Aerobic Digesters

An open system that utilizes oxygen to biologically treat waste with naturally occurring organisms.

Aerobic Wastewater Digester Tank

Anaerobic Digesters

A completely closed system that biologically treats waste with naturally occurring organisms.

Biofuel Storage from Greatario


Containing the liquid that fights back.

leachate liquid storage containment


Single-use applications range from storm water run-off storage, equalization and trickling filters to sludge digestion and sludge storage/mixing.

Clarifier Wastewater Tank