Aquastore™ tanks are versatile and cost-effective for wastewater treatment storage. Single-use applications range from storm water run-off storage, equalization and trickling filters to sludge digestion and sludge storage/mixing. Our bolted lap joint design allows rapid assembly, even in remote locations. Aquastore™ tanks perform dependably, with minimal maintenance cost.

Our wastewater tanks are unique due in part to our patented, modular design. Unlike the old-fashioned steel and concrete wastewater tanks, our manufactured bolted joints and steel sections can be assembled in less construction time compared to competitive tanks. Our factory-applied coatings make the field assembly more efficient because weather delays and other environmental elements affecting the quality of the field applied coatings are no longer an issue.

Aquastore is your best choice when it comes to finding a reliable solutions provider for wastewater tanks. Our tanks are some of the most durable on the market because our glass-fused-to-steel coatings are highly resistant to corrosive contaminants. Our modular wastewater tanks are also engineered for vertical expansion as capacity needs increase.

Other advantages of our wastewater tanks include:

  • Site Access: Glass bolted tanks can be erected in remote locations and be designed for relocation at a later date.
  • Low Maintenance: performance is dependable, with minimal maintenance costs, and associated down time.

Let BLUEWATER ENGINEERED STORAGE SYSTEMS partner with you find the best wastewater tank solutions today.

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