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Industrial - Hydrotec

Comprehensive storage solutions at low cost per gallon

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HydroTec features the Optibon Epoxy Coating System

In addition to the Aquastore tank, our HydoTec tanks are an alternative within industrial markets. Satisfying the shorter ROI demands and potentially shorter anticipated life of the project, the epoxy coating offers exceptional durability.

HydroTec tank systems are the comprehensive storage solution for any fluid and are recognized as the industry standard storage solution specified by the largest engineering firms in the world. HydroTec tanks deliver the highest quality at the lowest cost per gallon. Using the OptiBond Coating system by CST, Hydrotec tanks feature epoxy coating technology that provide maximum corrosion resistance and long tank life. HydroTec potable water storage tanks have been perfected to be the most economical choice in municipal and industrial liquid storage while maintaining their tank quality and durability.

HydroTec Tank Systems:


  • High quality at the lowest cost per gallonCAMI Indsutrial WastewaterLow installed up-front costs
  • Longer tank life = lower life cycle costs = quicker ROI
  • Fast tank construction save you time and money
  • HydroTec tank systems are the “Green” choice in liquid storage