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Containing the liquid that fights back

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Leachate is liquid that seeps through solid waste in a landfill and extracts soluble, dissolved and suspended materials in the process.

This very corrosive liquid needs to be properly managed and stored.

Bluewater’s primary and secondary containment tanks offer reliable leachate storage with a glass-fused-to-steel coating that resists corrosive contaminants. Bluewater tanks are in service in hundreds of leachate storage applications.

Glass-fused-to-steel is proven leachate containment technology. Designed for the specific customer application, cost-effective and assembled, our tanks are the answer for both primary storage and secondary containment needs.

Glass-fused-to-steel technology offers interior and exterior coatings that are resistant to corrosion. Glass frit – is fused to the steel at a temperature of 1550 degree F. and is the interior panel of the tank. This glass technology is the proven leader in leachate storage with hundreds of applications in operation.

Reliability & Strength:

  • Impermeable to liquid and vapours
  • Excellent impact and abrasion resistance
  • Primary and secondary storage systems for complete protection
  • Easy designed for expandability, large tank sizes available
  • Short-term and long-term solutions
  • Low maintenance costs – never need repainting
  • Quick to build