When it comes to above ground wastewater tanks, Bluewater Engineered Storage Systems offer a variety of options. Whether an open top tank or a covered one, Bluewater has the individual products and integrated solutions to satisfy the particular needs of our customers.

Aquastore is your best choice when it comes to finding a reliable solutions provider for wastewater tanks. Our tanks are some of the most durable on the market because our glass-fused-to-steel coatings are highly resistant to corrosive contaminants. Our modular wastewater tanks are also engineered for vertical expansion as capacity needs increase.

Other advantages of our wastewater tanks include:

  • Site Access: Glass bolted tanks can be erected in remote locations and be designed for relocation at a later date.
  • Any panel can be removed at anytime, allowing access for equipment or personnel.
  • Positive above ground containment
  • Low Maintenance: performance is dependable, with minimal maintenance costs, and associated down time.

For total system applications, Aquastore tanks can be used by package treatment plants, anaerobic sludge digestion systems and conventional large volume treatment plants. Aquastore tanks can be designed to meet AISC standards. The tank can also be outfitted with various types of mixers and pump into tanker trucks. Also, paired with an aluminum dome offer excellent odour control.

Cover options range from full domes to odor-controlling flat panels to launder covers. All fabricated from high strength aluminum alloys using aluminum or stainless hardware for years of rust-free operation. Covers are available in circular and non-circular shapes and in supported and unsupported designs to exactly match each application.

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