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SAFEGUARDING POTABLE WATER - Bluewater offers the best value brands available to meet your water storage tank solution. Municipal or industrial applications, standpipe, reservoirs or composite elevated water tanks, short or long term solutions, expandable or relocatable - our technology and product line offers you a complete storage solution.

Aquastore glass-fused-to-steel tanks, supplied by Bluewater, are the premium choice for storage in the municipal and industrial markets. Vitrium glass-fused-to-steel, featured in Aquastore tanks is the recognized brand throughout the industry. It is a single, integrated glass and steel material fused together at 15000 F in a controlled process furnace. The physical properties of Vitrium are specially suited for municipal and industrial liquid applications. With technology proven in the field for more than 60 years, no other tank lasts longer or has greater lifetime value than an Aquastore tank.

HydroTec tanks, by CST (formerly Columbian Tec Tank) are the premier epoxy tanks for municipal and industrial water applications. They offer the durability of factory coated and cured epoxy coatings using their proprietary OptiBond process at a low upfront cost.

Bluewater's Aquastore and HydroTec potable water tanks can be designed to AWWA, EN, DWI, ISO and most other domestic and international standards. We construct storage tanks to your specifications.

Engineering resources allow us to provide the tank to the customer's specifications; ground storage tanks in excess of 6 million gallons, composite elevated tanks greater than 2 million gallons and standpipes with heights exceeding 100 feet.


  • Lowest life cycle costs - Aquastore glass-fused-to-steel tanks offer the lowest total life cycle cost due to their upfront value, ultra-low maintenance costs and long tank life expectancy. Long term cost savings are achieved because Aquastore tanks are not painted, but made from glass being fused to steel.
  • Top-down construction - No scaffolding or high level work is required. The tanks upper ring and roof are constructed first and then the whole tank is jacked up to accommodate the construction of each successive ring. Once the final ring is assembled the tank is lowered onto the starter/foundation ring and the tank is ready.
  • Expandable - Our tanks are easily expanded which equates to future time and cost savings. When the tanks are expanded, they need to have stronger rings added to the bottom of the tank where the additional head pressure must be met.As the last panels on the tank are at the bottom, expanding the tank becomes very easy.
  • Construction in remote and sensitive areas - As the top down construction method is used and no cranes or scaffolding equipment is required, the overall construction footprint can be limited to as little as 4 feet beyond the foundation of the tank. Our tanks can be built in remote areas and in environmentally sensitive areas.
  • Highest quality coatings - All coatings are applied in factory controlled environments to ensure quality.
  • Fast delivery times
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