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With years of experience, Bluewater is Michigan’s Choice.

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Bluewater offers the best value brands available to meet your water storage tank solution.

Municipal or industrial applications, standpipe, reservoirs or composite elevated tanks, short or long term solutions, expandable or relocatable – our technology and product line offers you a complete storage solution.

Bluewater is a family-owned, customer-oriented company. We value partnerships with our customers before, during and after our projects. The goal is to ensure our clients receive the best solution for their unique applications.

Our growth can be attributed to our ongoing commitment of our employees and trust from our customers.

Since its inception, Bluewater’s storage tanks have become the industry standard within the water and wastewater marketplace. Recognizable care and O & M procedures combined with the quality and familiarity of the Bluewater product and brand is of great value to our customers.

We build the best liquid storage tanks using American steel and  American labor.

Bluewater has unrivaled experience and understanding in the sector.

With 100’s of installations and years of experience, our team is one of the most well respected in the industry.
See how we achieve our results.


Our tanks are assembled by our building crews from the top down with a jacking system that progressively elevates the structure without the need of expensive cranes. Erection crews can stay safely on the ground.

This construction method enables rapid, logical progress for timely completion.


Bluewater floors can be glass-fused-to-steel, or reinforced concrete. A flat steel floor is lined with glass-fused-to-steel sheets.

When using concrete, the walls are embedded in the foundation. Our building crews are well versed in both flooring types.


The sidewalls are constructed using a series of specially designed jacks. Each glass-fused-to-steel panel is bolted and sealed into place. Upon completion, the motorized jacks raise the sidewall ring so subsequent rings can be erected.

This unique installation process allows for construction in remote regions as well as metropolitan areas.


Bluewater roofs and domes can be designed to each customer’s needs, taking into account wind, snow loads, seismic and design codes.

Bluewater roofs and domes are free span and are generally installed on the tanks in the initial phase of construction.