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Aluminum Domes

Efficient in design, attractive and unsurpassed in quality and value

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Bluewater’s Aluminum Domes are effecient and long lasting.

The unique properties of aluminum make it far superior to other materials and alloys.

Corrosion resistant – aluminum is inherently corrosion resistant versus other alloys. It will never rust, rot, spall or suffer from environmental degradation.

Low lifetime maintenance costs – Our domes will last the lifetime of the structure and will not need to be painting or repainted.

Clear-span capability – Bluewater’s Aluminum Dome clear span design and integral tension ring eliminates the need for roof columns and extensive reinforcement of tank walls. And its triangulated space truss system of wide-flange extrusions skinned with triangular panels makes it flexible enough for any operational need.

Strength and versatility through timeless geometry – Panels can be removed at will, the entire dome can be removed when required, and features such as doors, vents, hatches and skylight panels are easily installed. Domes can be designed to cover spans from 40 to more than 1,000 feet.

Fast and low cost construction – Use less material and labour.

Design flexibility – We understand that each dome has its own unique characteristics and we ensure that it is built to the customers’ specifications.

Protecting Resources and the Environment

Water, waste water plants, and waste water storage facilities are increasingly turning to the CST Aluminum Dome advantage.

In addition to low maintenance, low cost and low profile advantages, Bluewater Aluminum Domes are versatile enough to permit a wide range of accessories important to the water and waste water industry.

And it’s the dome’s design that gives it many of its advantages. Using proprietary variations of geodesic geometry, Bluewater Aluminum Domes are noted for their ability to meet exacting live load requirements by providing greater stiffness and strength, pound-for-pound, then any other dome geometry system.

Bluewater domes have been designed for snow loads up to 350 pounds and windloads of up to 175 mph. And our panel design is specifically engineered to support loads of up to 500 pounds on any one square foot. Yet, our domes weigh a mere five percent of conventional concrete equivalents.

Bluewater domes promote process efficiency in cold climates, and they can’t be beat for containment of odors and vapors. In fact, their low profile reduces vapor space. And their all-aluminum construction is completely resistant to hydrogen sulfide, chlorine and other corrosive vapors found in water and waste water treatment plants.