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Steel Roofs

A full line of steel & membrane roof options

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Rigid or flexible, steel or stainless, supported or free span, Bluewater has the expertise to design the best cover solution to fulfill the application requirements.

Take a look at some of our non-aluminum roof options.


Sloped steel roofs – When on design pressure is required and standard roof loads are expected, a sloped steel roof is your choice. It can be epoxy coated, stainless steel or other alloy. Large diameters can be achieved with multiple column supports.

Our domes are an easy retrofit of an existing high maintenance steel roof. Faced with the prospect of rising maintenance and repair costs of their corroded steel roofs, many tank owners have retrofitted their existing tanks with maintenance free aluminum domes.


The externally supported roof is the most common roof design in the industry with a smooth internal roof surface and no rafters. The ESR is used when moderate to high pressure or vacuum design limits are expected. The ESR is also preferred when there are heavy load conditions expected from mixers and / or other ancillary equipment is installed in the cover. Roof panels can be designed with glass-fused-to-steel.


Knuckle roofs are preferred for smaller diameter storage tanks. They are best suited for lighter pressure and vacuum applications with minimal load bearing requirements. They are fabricated with glass-fused-to-steel coating or stainless steel to provide excellent gas zone longevity.