Home - Proven in the field for over 30 years, no other tank lasts longer or has greater lifetime value than an Aquastore tank.

Our Team - Meet the team at Bluewater Engineered Storage Systems, overseeing operations, wastewater storage tank consulting, industrial and municipal tank constructiopn for over 36 years.

Storage Tanks - Bluewater Engineered Storage Systems offers the best value brands available to meet your water storage tank solution.

Aquastore - Glass-fused-to-steel has become the premium water and liquid storage technology leader. Aquastore water tanks provide the lowest life cycle cost.

Standpipes - Glass-fused-to steel standpipe tanks are constructed to meet system head pressure requirements woth lowest total life cycle cost.

Reservoirs - We can design, build and service any type of reservoir tank for your water storage needs.

HydroTec Tanks- The performance and quality of HydroTec storage tanks are available in three primary designs - HydroTec TS, HydroTec CS, HydroTec Welded.

Composite Elevated Tanks - When it comes to manufacturing and installing a strong, reliable composite elevated tank, Bluewater offers one of the best values for the invested money.

Chlorine Contact Chambers - For the storage of potable water, our Glass-Fused-to-Steel tanks offer many advantage. Designed with interior baffles, they also offer the same advantages to ensure Positive Chlorine Contact.

PetroTec Epoxy Coated Tanks - CST Storage, the largest supplier of factory coated bolted steel storage tanks in the world, has launched its next generation of tanks for the petroleum industry.

Hexa-Cover - Today Hexa-Cover® is in use on almost all forms of basins, lagoons, reservoirs, containers, ponds and tanks

Hydraulix - Hydraulix Process Mixing Systems feature a unique double nozzle design which allows for even energy distribution optimizing solids suspension and contact to promote efficiency in a wide range of wastewater and bio-fuels applications.

Potabable Water - Bluewater offers the best value brands available to meet your water storage tank solutions.

Municipal - When it comes to above ground wastewater tanks, Bluewater Engineered Storage Systems offer a variety of options.

Industrial - With the increasing cost of industrial wastewater disposal, the need for quality industrial wastewater tanks is increasing

Aerobic - Aerobic digestion - an open system that utilizes oxygen and biologically treats waste with naturally occurring organisms.

Anaerobic - Commonly used for larger scale waste water tank applications and has better control for the environment. The Aquastore vitrium glass offers excellent resistance to the harsh environments found in digesters.

Leachate - Operators looking for a waste water tank that can stand up to the challenges associated with leachate, they look to the glass-fused-to-steel leachate containment technology.

Clarifiers - Our wastewater tanks are unique due in part to our patented, modular design that can be assembled in less construction time compared to competitive tanks.

Fire Protection - The primary requirement of a water storage tank is that its reserve capacity meets the potential demand. As a result, each fire water storage tank is a dedicated reservoir with a unique configuration engineered to your specific needs for fire protection.

Food & Beverage - Whether it is for raw materials or finished product storage we are able to match the right liquid storage tanks and cover for you.

Liquid Fertilizer - Nutristore tanks are specifically designed to meet the demands of the growing agribusiness community, helping offset the rising costs of liquid fertilizer storage.

Frac Water - CST HydroTec epoxy coated tanks and Aquastore glass-fused-to steel tanks provide the quality protection demanded to contain frac water while providing the modularity to be easily moved and expanded as needs change.

Mining - CST's complete offering of coating technologies provide mining operations with storage tanks that perform under the harshest conditions.

Oil & Gas - Tanks applications include: Crude Oil, Terminal storage, Drilling fluids, and Frac water.

Bioenergy - Aquastore glass-fused-to-steel and hydrotec epoxy coated waste tanks have been used in bioenergy systems for over 30 years.

Digesters - Choosing the right cover solution is the next important task in assembling the best tank and cover for your digester.

Biofuels - Our experience in the BioEnergy tank industry and knowing the proper technologies, tank designs and cover choices, will be an asset.

Biomass - The proper waste tank storage solution for Biomass can make a huge difference in energy production.Life Cycle

Life Cycle - With Aquastore, you can be assured you will get the highest engineered quality, service and product life in wastewater storage tanks.

Asset Management - If you need assistance with your current waste water storage tanks Asset Management plan, call one of our experienced professionals.

Drawings - For detailed drawings of our potable water tanks and waste water tanks and covers, please visit this page.

Photo Gallery - To view a gallery of our waste water tanks, potabvle water tanks and covers, please visit this page.

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