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Aquastore Glass-Fused-to-Steel

The premium water and liquid storage technology leader

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Glass-fused-to-steel has become the premium water and liquid storage technology leader.

The tank designs incorporate recognized standards assuring high quality and long-lasting municipal and industrial service liquid storage tanks.

Bluewater Engineered Storage Systems is the Authorized, Independent Dealer for CST Storage. Bluewater  has been selling, erecting and servicing glass-fused-to-steel Aquastore™ wastewater storage tanks in the industrial and municipal market place. Aquastore™ tanks are found in virtually every segment of the water market; storing potable water, waste water, grey water and leachate.

Aquastore tanks offer:

  • Lowest maintenance requirements over the life of the tank
  • Lowest total life cycle cost
  • Top-down construction
  • Faster construction, short lead time
  • Pre-engineered allowing for future vertical expansion
  • Relocatable / Expandable
  • Can be constructed in remote areas and on small footprints
  • Versatile tank designs, options and accessories
  • Cost effective
  • Factory coating eliminates weather delays and variables affecting the quality of field applied coatings
  • A unique warranty – Aquastore tanks carry a guarantee on the tank’s performance. It is one more indication that Aquastore™ tanks are designed for lasting service.

Aquastore tanks are available in diameters from 11 feet (3.3m) to 204 feet (62.2m and capacity from 20,000 gallons (75 cu m) to over 6 million gallons (22,700 cu m)

From the early beginning of beer storage tanks in the 1930’s to potable water and wastewater storage tanks in the 90’s, CST has provided an economical alternative to painted storage tanks and has consistently supported this product through its strong warranty and dealership network. The use of Aquastore has expanded to include numerous industrial fluid applications and digesters. Aquastore has more than 100,000 glass-fused-to-steel tanks which have been installed in over 70 countries around the world.

The factory-applied silica glass coating on Aquastore™ tanks forms a hard, inert barrier for both the interior and exterior of surfaces of the tank. It protects the steel core against weather and corrosion. The Aquastore™ tank’s proprietary Edgecoat™ process produces a barrier coating on the sheet edges, so that the entire steel panel is encapsulated in a glass shell.

CST Storage has instituted an ongoing research/product improvement program dedicated to constantly enhancing our manufacturing processes. Aquastore™ tanks offer consistent corrosion protection. The glass coating provides a water-resistant interior and a graffiti-resistant exterior. The physical properties of Aquastore™ tanks’ glass coating are especially suited to municipal/industrial liquid storage applications.

Aquastore Glass-Fused-to-Steel
Aquastore Glass-Fused-to-Steel Layers

Aquastore™ tank sheets are shipped on protective skids domestically, with crated hardware and accessories. At the jobsite, Aquastore™ tanks are installed by Bluewater Engineered Storage Systems, using specialized equipment. The tanks are assembled from the top down with a jacking system that progressively elevates the structure. The bolted construction enables rapid, logical progress for timely completion even in weather that would routinely delay concrete or welded construction.

CST Storage offers a warranty that is unique in the industry.

Potable Water

Whether multiple tanks over 5MM gallons or a single tank of 5,000 gallons, Aquastore water tanks provide the lowest life cycle cost. They are durable, easy to construct and never need to be recoated.

Composite Elevated

What better place to have a tank that never needs painting than 100 feet up in the air. Fast construction times, ultralow maintenance and expandability are just some of the features that are causing engineers to specify Aquastore CET’s.

Industrial Liquids

When ease of cleaning, durability and contamination avoidance are important concerns, Aquastore glass enamel coating is the choice.



Aquastore and its Vitrium glass-fused-to-steel porcelain enamel technology are the preferred choice of digester and bioenergy process developers worldwide.


Low maintenance, high durability tanks for almost every aboveground wastewater application. Aquastore tanks are utilized for clarifiers, aeration, trickling filters and many other processes.

Landfill Leachate

When it comes to harsh liquids of unknown content that require storage, there are few liquids more difficult than landfill leachate. CST has been manufacturing Aquastore tanks for the leachate applications that have been in service for over 20 years and are still performing.