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The premium sheet edge proection

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Edgecoat™ is the result of ongoing commitment to product development and improvement.

It is the only process in the world that provides optimum glass coverage on all four sides of a steel sheet.

In the mid 1990’s, CST recognized the necessity of sheet edge protection and that sealant/caulking was not a sufficient means of protecting the edges. With a significant investment in research, engineering and state of the art manufacturing technology, the FIRST and ONLY Edgecoat™ system was developed. CST is the ONLY bolted tank company that provides this process and this level of product quality.

CST continues to invest in the highest level of R & D for product improvement. Our customer commitment remains to provide the best quality product available in the market today for all water and wastewater applications.

CST’s proprietary Edgecoat™ protection process involves thermally applying a stainless-steel alloy to mechanically rounded sheet edges. Stringent plant quality control procedures ensure the Edgecoat™ remains in place throughout the life of the tank. Simply put, Edgecoat™ fully covers our steel panels in glass, both on the faces and around the edges of the panels, to protect the sheet from corrosion. It eliminates safety hazards because there are no sharp edges on the sheets. Sheet thickness is considered to ensure optimum radii for the different gauges of steel. Up to 5 mils of glass encapsulate every edge to protect for years of maintenance free service.

Cross-section of Edgecoat