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Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Bluewater Engineered Storage Systems and the Aquastore® line of glass-fused-to-steel, bolted storage tanks. Our team is dedicated to providing the best solution for your specific application. 


Today, more than ever, we see the importance of safeguarding public health.

One part of this equationLeachate Example is protecting the water supply. In the US, there are over three thousand active landfills – and 10,000 dormant municipal landfills. Each one poses a risk to surrounding communities, and the environment, in the form of leachate. This liquid, created as landfill contents degrade, can contain heavy metals, pathogens, inorganic chemicals, and other pollutants. Safely storing this volatile substance means protecting the public and their water supplies. This corrosive and possibly toxic liquid requires a reliable storage solution. Aquastore® leachate tanks, by Bluewater Engineered Storage Systems, are a proven leader in landfill leachate storage. Aquastore® tanks offer Safety and Security, Durability, Cost Savings and Convenience; in one easy to implement solution.


Safely and securely containing toxic leachate is the most important consideration for landfills. The environmental impact of a leak is forefront in the design of any leachate containment system. Aquastore® tanks are manufactured using glass-fused-to-steel technology – which creates an inert coating inside and out of the tank - resistant to corrosion even from the harshest liquids. Additionally, the interior sides of tank panels are coated with Vitrium®. This innovative, proprietary coating adds a secondary layer of ultra-fine, highly engineered glass to the panels, making them impermeable to liquids and vapors and offering excellent abrasion resistance.


Federal and State standards require a secondary containment solution for leachate storage applications. Extending the offering of primary glass-fused-to-steel storage tanks, Aquastore® can design an auxiliary containment system built using the same corrosion-resistant materials as the primary tank. Secondary storage tanks are flexible in design and can be expanded to meet growing needs. Having a reliable primary and secondary solution, such as this, offers complete protection.

We’ve already talked about the strength of glass-fused-to-steel and how it can resist the corrosiveness of leachate liquid. It should come as no surprise this coating performs even better against typical outside elements like rain and snow. The glass outer coating protects the steel inner core and never needs repainting.


Along with low maintenance costs, a bolted-steel panel tank from Aquastore® can be designed to fit Leachate in Michiganunique specifications and storage situations. Most primary and secondary storage tanks are built for small to mid-size applications (under 1 million gallons). However, taller or wider tanks can be built to accommodate specific needs for different landfills. The panel design allows crews to construct tanks from the ground up – building a ring of the tank and then jacking that ring up, adding another layer, and so on. This construction method means no heavy machinery is required, and most construction can be completed on a small footprint. Construction of the a primary and secondary containment tank can be completed in less time and through most weather conditions. In addition, the modular panel design can be expanded, if necessary, to meet the needs of growing landfills or changing leachate conditions. 


Simply put, there is no better solution that can match the durability, flexibility or easy maintenance record of an Aquastore® glass-fused-to-steel, bolted storage tank from Bluewater Engineered Storage Systems. 


CST has been manufacturing Aquastore® tanks for leachate applications that have been in service for over 20 years and are still performing. When it comes to the safety of your community, only the best will do. Trust Aquastore® from Bluewater Storage Systems for your community.



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