Aquastore Drawings

  Part #   Descriptions   Size  
  261307      Gravity Ventilator, Sloped Roof, 14' thru 31' Dia.     88K  
  261308   Roof Manway, Sloped Roof (Welded Design)   96K  
  261319   (1V) & (1V) Shell Sheets, Wide Bolt Spacing   123K  
  261329   3" Truss onto Shell Sheet, Wide Bolt Spacing   131K  
  261335   24" Round Access Door (w/ Davit) - glass tanks   117K  
  261339   Center Sump Section w/Pipe Connection, SS   110K  
  261341   Pipe Through Concrete Floor   80K  
  261344   19" Foundation Sheet, General Assembly, SS   152K  
  261364   Water tank with steel floor foundation 14' thru 31' dia.   148K  
  261379   Tank Shell Penetration Installation instructions   102K  
  264073   Short Bottom Ladder & Safety Cage Kit   150K  
  264373   Section Thru Typical Steel Floor Pipe Penetration   71K  
  265449   Mag. Anode Cathodic Inst., Concrete Floor   118K  
  265450   Mag. Anode Cathodic Inst., Steel Floor   134k  

CST Covers Drawings

   Description         Size     
  Dome Plan and Elevation - Potable Water   14K  
  Shoe Tension Ring & Flashing - Potable Water Steel Tank   30K  
  Shoe Tension Ring & Flashing - Potable Water Concrete Tank   33K  
  Access Hatch & Handrail Details - Potable Water   38K  
  Typical Strut & Gusset Joint Details - Potable Water   27K  
  Truss Supported Flat Cover - Plan View    55K  
  Truss Supported Flat Cover - Truss Elevation   24K  
  Flat Cover Sample Drawing   24K  
  Truss Supported Flat Cover - Flat Cover Sections   27K  
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