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BLUEWATER supplies glass-fused-to-steel, bolted liquid storage tank solutions for the state of Michigan.

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made in america with AMERICAN STEEL

We provide a complete line of Glass-fused-to-steel tanks and epoxy tanks for municipal and industrial potable water and wastewater, leachate storage systems and bioenergy solutions.

Standpipe Tower

Potable Water

Municipal & Industrial water storage solutions

Bradford Wastewater Tank


Above ground wastewater tanks & solutions

Industrial Storage Tanks


Containing the liquid that fights back

Windsor Sysco Tank

Fire Protection

Focus on safety

Greatario Liquid Storage Service Inspection Drone


A full range of service options.

Experience Counts

With over 300 installations, Bluewater Storage has likely already tackled a successful project just like yours.
Whether for a Municipal or Industrial application, we are Michigan’s choice for liquid storage solutions.


Bluewater Glass-Fused-to-Steel tanks, are the global leader in liquid storage solutions. No other tanks lasts longer or have greater lifetime value than GFS tanks from Bluewater. A Bluewater tank never needs to be painted and requires minimal maintenance over its life cycle. The jack-built, top-down construction design ensures a safe construction process and allows for easy expansion in the future. Bluewater tanks can be designed for ground storage, composite elevated and standpipes applications.

Our Commitment

Bluewater is a family-owned, customer orientated company, who prides itself on finding the best value solution for your unique application. From design to completion, the Bluewater team is committed to customer service and satisfaction, delivering an exceptional quality product, on time and on budget. We look forward to partnering with you before, during and after your project.