BLUEWATER ENGINEERED STORAGE SYSTEMS is the CST STORAGE authorized dealer for liquid storage solutions for the state of Michigan.  We provide the complete line of  Aquastore Glass-fused-to-steel tanks and HydroTec tanks for municipal and industrial potable water and wastewater, leachate storage systems and bioenergy solutions. 







Composite Elevated Tanks

Glass Fused to Steel Storage Tanks - Bluewater Storage Systems

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  • Municipal & Industrial Water Storage

 For all your liquid storage needs in Michigan, turn to Bluewater Engineered Storage Systems. We provide industrial potable water, wastewater, leachate storage systems and bioenergy solutions for all industrial and municipal applications, including reservoirs, standpipes, composite elevated tanks, and chlorine contact chambers. As the authorized independent dealer for CST Storage in Michigan, Bluewater Engineered Storage Systems carries the complete line of AQUASTORE Glass-fused-to-steel tanks and HydroTec tanks; the industry leader in premium water and liquid storage tanks. With many years of experience in the municipal and industrial liquid storage industry, our team of professionals has the knowledge, experience and expertise to design and build, state-of-the-art liquid and water storage solutions for any application. Working with our customers, we offer efficient and cost effective turnkey services, building liquid storage tanks to our customer’s exact specifications. From design to completion, the Bluewater Engineered Storage Systems team is committed to customer service and satisfaction, delivering an exceptional quality product, on time and on budget.

CST's AQUASTORE Glass-Fused-to-Steel are the global leader in liquid storage solutions. Proven in the field for over 30 years, no other tank lasts longer or has greater lifetime value than an Aquastore tank. An Aquastore tank never needs to be painted and requires minimal maintenance over its life cycle. The jack-built, top-down construction design ensures a safe construction process and allows for easy expansion in the future. Aquastore tanks can be designed for ground storage, composite elevated and standpipes applications.

CST’s HYDROTEC tank systems provide an economical solution for fluid storage that delivers the highest quality tank at the lowest cost per gallon. HYDROTEC tank systems employ CST’s exclusive OptiBond coating system, a durable factory installed epoxy coating that is cured to provide maximum corrosion resistance and long tank life. HYDROTEC tanks are available in three primary designs. These premier epoxy tanks are suitable for many municipal water tank and industrial liquid storage applications, like potable water, the storage of liquids products such as chemicals, processing fluids and foods, wastewater storage, and applications in power generation and fire protection.

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