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GFS Tanks & Reservoirs

BLUEWATER glass-fused-to-steel tanks and reservoirs are the premium choice for liquid storage in the municipal and industrial markets. With technology proven in the field for over 60 years, no other tank lasts longer or has greater lifetime value than a BLUEWATER tank. 

You can trust BLUEWATER to design, build and support your GFS tank with years of experience building tanks across Michigan.

We offer standpipes, reservoirs and CET (Composite Elevated Tank) solutions built to specifications for a variety of situations. Chances are, BLUEWATER has already developed a solution to any challenge you may face. Our team is dedicated to helping you.

Why GFS?

Hover to learn why Glass-Fused-To-Steel is the optimal choice for liquid storage.

Glass-Fused-To-Steel storage tanks NEVER need repainting, offer the longest lifecycle and lowest lifecycle maintenance cost of any tank type. Factory applied glass coatings provide consistent quality and are corrosion resistant so can be used to store a variety of liquids. The modular ‘panel’ design of GFS tanks allows for rapid construction, on a smaller footprint without the use of heavy machinery. 


Do you need multiple tanks larger than 5 million gallons or a single 5,000 gallon tank? Bluewater tanks are the most economical solution available, with the lowest life cycle cost. They are durable, easy to build and will never need re-coating.


Virtually maintenance-free, built-to-last tanks suitable for most overhead sewage installations. Bluewater tanks are used for clarifiers, ventilation, trickling filters and many other processes.


For a tank that does not have to be painted, is there no better place than 100 feet above the ground? Speed ​​of construction, virtually no maintenance and expandability are just a few reasons why engineers recommend a Bluewater composite water tower.


If you value ease of maintenance, durability and protection against contamination, Bluewater’s porcelain enamel coating is the perfect choice.


Bluewater tank’s steel technology are the preferred choice of digester and bioenergy process developers worldwide.


When it comes to storing corrosive liquids of unknown content, few liquids are more difficult to store than landfill leachate. For years, Bluewater has been building GFS tanks for leachate storage facilities and they are all still operational.

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