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If its Water, Wastewater, Industrial Fluids or Minerals – We’ve got it covered

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Efficient in design, attractive in appearance and unsurpassed in quality and value, Bluewater aluminum domes and covers are efficient and long lasting.

Bluewater Engineered Storage Systems is the authorized dealer for CST Covers in Michgian.

(CST Covers was created by merging both Temcor and Conservatek, the two leading aluminum structure companies in the world). Bluewater’s ability to deliver complete storage solutions by offering the best cover option and the best tank storage option ensures complete customer satisfaction.

CST Covers (formerly Temcor) has supplied over 16,000 covers in more than 90 different countries. CST built the first aluminum dome for a water storage tank in 1968, for a waste water tank in 1969, for a petroleum tank in 1977 and the world’s largest free standing aluminum dome measuring 127 meters in diameter in 1982.

All of these are still in service as are other CST domes withstanding the heat of a Middle Eastern desert, typhoon winds of 300 kilometers per hour on a Pacific Island and uneven snow loads of 1,500 kilograms per square meter in the Antarctic. CST Covers are precision fabricated to aircraft tolerances. Time tested maintenance free corrosion resistant materials are used such as proven aluminum alloys, stainless steel fasteners and silicone rubber sealants and gaskets.

Bluewater offers a multiple structural high strength aluminum design solutions including domes, vaults, extruded flat covers, formed flat panel covers, truss supported covers, space frames as well as custom products specifically designed for customers unique vertical and overhead applications.

Aluminum Domes

Efficient in design, attractive in appearance and unsurpassed in quality and value, Bluewater's Aluminum Domes are efficient and long lasting.

St John Loch Lomond Reservoirs

Aluminum Flat Panel

CST's aluminum flat panel covers provide the strength, durability, odor control and protection characteristics.

Aluminum Flat Panel Cover

Steel Roofs

Bluewater offers a full line of Steel and Membrane Roof options to meet your application requirements.

Steel Roofs for Liquid Storage Tanks


Unique & patented Floating Cover perfect for almost any fluid surface. Used on almost all forms of basins, lagoons, reservoirs, containers, ponds & tanks.